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Explore the Postatus Builders Referral Program! Elevate your social media influence, invite your network, and be a part of our AI content creation community for innovation and collaboration.

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How it works ?

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Generate your unique referral link by visiting the Postatus Refferal Program page.


Let the world know about Postatus by sharing your link on various social media platforms or directly with your contacts.


You and anyone signing up through your referral link will each receive 150 credits to use on Postatus.com within the next 30 days.


Your Benefits

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Receive 150 Credits

You and your referee will each be credited with 150 credits upon their successful sign-up.

Creative Freedom

Use your credits to explore the power of AI in crafting standout social media content.

Network Growth

Expand your network by connecting with fellow innovators and creators who also value the power of AI.